Feb 17

Submitting of Stats for Spring 2015

We have new Statistician and he has implemented a few changes everyone needs to be aware of.

  1. Stats sheets must be fully filled out.  Team names, date of match, week number, first and last names of each player, totals in the win and loss columns as well as the Sportsmanship award nominations filled out each week.
  2. Sportsmanship Nominations.  Each player must nominate one player from the other team each week and this must be filled out in the area provided on the score sheet.  Your sheet is not considered complete if this is not filled out.
  3. There are 3 ways to submit sheets.

1.Fax to 855-501-3278

2. Take a readable photo of the sheet and text to 541-981-8420

3. Email a copy or photo to terrybonny@gmail.com

All sheets must be received by Friday of the week played.  Any sheet that is not complete will not receive stats.




Feb 10

Packet Information


Look over your packet carefully this season. There have been some changes to the Rules and Regulations, and By-Laws, as well as your Score Sheets.
Terry, (stats guy), will be going over some important information tonight at the Captains Meeting. Please allow yourself enough time to listen to the information, so that you and your team will be clearly informed. Please allow Terry to tell you all about the changes, then ask questions when he is through.
All Captains are required to sign for their packet. If, you are picking up someone else packet for them, you will need to sign for that one as well.
**Captains** If, you aren’t able to make it to the meeting, please get your Co-Captain to come in your place or else assign another team member to come get your packet.

A1-Division, B-1, and B-2  will be starting league on the 17th  However, A-2 Division will be starting on the 24th due to the amount of teams. Any questions, contact your league representative.
In your league packet you will find the following:
On the Left side:
1. Board Member List
2. Captain’s List
3. Your Division Schedules
In the Middle:
1. Rules-Regulations, and By-Laws
On the Right Side:
1. Score Sheets



Feb 04


We had a good turn out tonight for the Open board meeting. The meeting came to order at 7:08 pm Ending at 8:51 pm.
Board Members in attendance: Marie, Melissa, Kevin, Ron, Barb, Ron, Wes, Terry, Layton, and myself. VP Billy was not able to attend.

Also present for the meeting:
League Members-Velvet, Arica, Rex , Carey, and Gerald.
ADO Reps/league members-Chris W. and Wes C.


The board went over making changes to the awards. We addressed having all board members having updated information for contact, and for our DBA/Non for Profit information. At that time we also discussed T-Shirts, and other award ideas. We stressed the importance of using the Confidentiality disclosure for all of our email correspondence. The board agreed to enforce the chain of contact rule. This ensures that the correct officers are being contacted before the President, Vice-President-and/or the Treasurer and Secretary are called as the first point of contact. Some of the other items that were discussed was the Captains must check their emails at least once a week to stay informed and up to date on what is going on. We discussed separation of officials, rule changes, substitutions, chalking rules, sanctions, policy and procedures, responsibilities of the officers, and the non-discrimination disclosure. We also discussed and agreed that ALL CAPTAINS needed to attend the Captains meeting, due to the fact that it was going to be a detailed meeting, and the captains would have to sign that they were there.
The board will go over the verbiage and award amendments for this upcoming packet. Please read over this amendment carefully so that everyone on your team is aware of the changes. For those of you who weren’t able to make it to the TGIO, we held a vote. The majority of the vote stated that they wanted option 2. The vote was 13 for option 1, 14 votes for option 2.
Option 1
⃝_____The following would receive some sort of physical trophy award: 180, 171, 9C, 3 double bulls, perfect game, high on, high off, singles champion and highlights champion. All bars will receive a name plate for their existing plaque or new plaque if needed for 1st place.

Option 2
⃝______The following would receive some sort of physical trophy award: Each division winning 1st place only team, as well as 180, 171, 9C, 3 double bulls, perfect game, high on, high off, singles champion and highlights champion. All bars will receive a name plate for their existing plaque or new plaque if needed.
The proper protocol for handling any grievances should be followed accordingly. First point of contact should be your Division Representative. That person will handle things from there. If you are a Board Member, your first point of contact should be the VP Billy Chaney.
Sportsmanship- Shake hands before and after the match. We know it sucks to lose. Obsessive swearing and name calling will not be tolerated. Everyone needs to follow the same rules for sportsmanship at the tournaments, just like you do on a regular league night. This verbiage will be added to the Rules and Regulations, and By-laws.
Billy will be checking the equipment at the bars. Please let your league Rep know if your establishment needs something fixed. We have the proper paperwork to give the bar if needed.
Ron (treasurer) gave a detailed report on where ESDA funds go. Should you have any questions about this we ask that you DO NOT start rumors on where you THINK they go! Please contact Ron in a respectable manner. He will gladly give you those updates. OR, you are welcome to attend the OPEN board meetings and hear the updates there, where the rest of the board hears them.
We touched base on the outcome of the election results for Officers. This information is posted on the ESDA website.
We have decided to table an idea for the next meeting about a Woman’s/Men’s highlight award, T-shirts, Pins, at the Mid-Season Meeting.
Ron has asked that there be a place on the website where he can update all Paid/Unpaid players.
Our ADO REP’s Chris and Wes, along with Terry, gave us a great deal of information about the ADO, and how that works. We ask that you please address all inquiries to Chris and Wes, as they are the ones who are most helpful with this information.
Terry (stats guy), went over a lot of information concerning the website. He has worked with Bill Flippen, on how we can get things rolling and updated. This is still a work in progress. We ask that you please be patient while the guys iron things out.
Terry, has also requested that the Captain and Co-Captain both provide an email address, as well as a valid phone #.
Marie, let us know that Willamalane is interested in a Kids Clinic. More info on this to come.
Barb S., has brought up the fact that some of our information gets pushed down when newer things get added. This happens due to the fact that we have a “rolling web site”. So, we will work on making a spot/calendar, on the webpage that has a list of all of the tournaments, and side draws, along with the dates and times, and with the definition of what a draw is in case some folks don’t know.
Velvet, had stated that one gentleman was inquiring about information about the establishments and where he could play. He isn’t the kind of person who does a lot of Social media surfing. Marie and Billy have previously tried to avoid this sort of thing by places posters in the various bars/taverns. Some people didn’t want other bars/taverns advertisements in their place, so they declined a poster being put up. Marie has spoken to some people about getting a couple of spots for us to advertise on the radio. This will cost ESDA some money, depending on the amount of air time we utilize. The board discussed this and we will let everyone know when/if, this will happen.
Terry (stats guy), will be giving IMPORTANT information at the CAPTAINS MEETING, about the score sheets, and how to get them to him. On the BACK of the SCORESHEET, there will be a place where each team member has a vote on who they want to vote for, for the sportsmanship award for that night. This information must be added to the back of your score sheet each night of play by everyone on the team. Each player can pick a different person. The team does not have to be unanimous on this vote. If this is not done, your score sheet will be deemed invalid. If, your team does not want to choose a nominee for the sportsmanship award, it is simply okay not to choose anyone. Just write on the back of the score sheet, No Nominee chosen. Your score sheet will be ok’d.  The board motioned and passed this request on FEB 3, 2015. There is more to this rule as previously stated, so please make sure that you are there at the Captains meeting. The board also motioned and passed on Feb 3, 2015 for a Sportsmanship Award to be given out to the persons who have won this award after the season ends and all votes are accounted for.
At this time the board is looking to host the Mid-Season tournament at Sharky’s or Wetlands provided either establishment has that date available. We are shooting for Saturday March 28th, 2015.
Thank you to everyone who was able to make the meeting. We are looking to get started on a great season.


Jan 27

Election Results

Option #2 was picked for the Awards.  Expect the following awards this coming season.

1st place only team trophy, 180, 171, 9C, 3 double bulls, perfect game, high on, high off, singles champion and highlights champion. All bars will receive a name plate for their existing plaque or new plaque if needed.

The Election results for the Officers of the Board are:

President-Marie Summers

Secretary-Shari Layton

Statistician-Terry Bonney

A-League Rep-Melissa Johnsgard

B1-League Rep-Wes Costagno

B-2 League Rep-Barbara Sieveking

We have new members this season. Please be patient, as we are a work in progress.

The board would like to thank Wes and Chris (Tennessee) for stepping up and becoming our ADO Representatives. Please contact either gentleman if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you everyone who was able to come out.

The Board would like to thank The Duck, for hosting our TGIO.

The Board would also like to thank Claude M. for sponsoring ESDA with additional funds for the highlight awards.



Mar 31

Simple rules for submitting stat sheets.

I attempt to get the stats out by the weekend. In some cases, work and life will delay that. Recently, delays can be attributed to some behind the scenes working of the website. More often than not, though, I hold off  because of a lack of sent scoresheets.


1) Please scan or fax the score sheet. It makes life a lot easier if I can receive them in a PDF format.

2) As a captain it is your responsibility to ensure the sheet get to me in a timely manner.  If I do not receive  the sheets by weeks end, I will record the match as a 0-21 loss for both teams. Don’t trust your scores to the team you just beat the pants off.

3) Fax 1 sheet at a time. If you are sending in the other team’s sheet (read rule number 2), please send that separately from yours. That way I can easily file them away in folders and can easily compare them side by side.

4) Use a pen not a pencil to print legibly.  A pencil gets faded out on the sheet and can be virtually impossible to see sometimes.

5) Last names are a must. This has been harped on for years. If you do not include a last name on a new player that game will count as a forfeit. If that player plays in a doubles game then the doubles game is a forfeit as well. No more exceptions will be made.

6) If you are a team captain you need to have a working email that you check regularly. If there is a discrepancy, I need to be able to contact you to correct it.

7) Know the team that you are playing and what date it is. It is confusing to have Team A show that they are playing another team that they really are not, and to not have a date or week number to reference makes it really hard to track down.

8) If you are rescheduling a match, let me know. I don’t need to know when, but only that it is still pending. (read rule #2 to see why you need to let me know)