Oct 06


IMPORTANT ! To all Team Captains from STATS guy!!!


 To ALL ESDA Fall 2015 Captains and Co-Captains, I need your Current Email addresses and phone numbers, Please de-note if phone is Home Land line or mobile as soon as possible. Email me at terrybonney@gmail.com If you don’t have one call me @ 541-981-8420 and I will help you set one up.

Also if Team don’t start getting Score Sheets in by Friday night after Tuesdays Play I will start giving both teams 0 for scores and NO STATS starting week 5, also contact me if match is being postponed, then again to update with when the match is being played.

All Captains Tuesday Matches 10/6 and 10/13 Talk to the Opposing Team Captains and ask if they saw this post, if they did see it Please advise them to look at it or at least summarize it for them.

I EXPECT TO HERE FROM ALL CAPTAINS BY SATURDAY 10/17 or you will get a call around 2:00AM

Terry Bonney the Stats Guy.

Oct 06

LeagueRepublic Link





Click on LeagueRepublic Logo.

The above LOGO will take the Viewer to the ESDA League Republic Stats site.

Where you can view STATS (Team & Player) Scheduled Matches for the our Fall 2015 Darts League.



Sep 09

Newly Updated Captains List

Do to the fact that we had to change teams around at the last minute, the original Captains List was overlooked to reflect the new changes. Here is the updated list. *B-DIVISION, nothing has changed for you.*

Projectile Disfunction Layton Statzer-541-510-7124
Dart Mob Terry Bonney-541-981-8420
Here for Beer Ryan Ivey-541-844-5342
Yukons-I Joe Picotte-541-554-8705
Strictly Business Ron Layton-541-232-6227

HeAter TrevorLamberson-541-852-9358
Who Darted Bill Flippin-541-743-3094
The Cricketeers Todd Haines-541-434-0196
G.O.D. Keenan Elmer-541-913-2323
Wild Hoggs Mike Wichert-541-228-1766

WAK-PAK Marie Summers-541-514-1247
Flight Plan Barbara Sieveking-541-729-4415
The X-Men Dallas Johnson-541-653-0629
Stuck in the Middle Friend McFarland-541-255-8804
Delta Dart Tom Welch-541-729-9413

On the Wire Peter Anello-541-510-7278
Blarney Stoners Rod Reece-541-228-0294
Don’t Touch My Darts Danae Dowdy-541-913-9752
WireBenders Tim Harris-541-653-3754
Just the Tip Bud Fritz-541-520-3524

Sep 08


You will find the following items in this Fall season packet.
On the Front Left Side:
1. Schedules
2. Addendum 2015 items.
3. Board Members and Sponsors List.
4. Captains List.
5. Board Members Contact Information.
In the Middle:
1. Regulations and By-Laws.
2. Rules.
On the Back Right Side:
1. “10 Commandments” for Keeping Score.
2. Dart Double Out Chart
3. Example Score Sheet.
4. Score Sheets for the Season.

Aug 19


Please be there to pick up your packet and pay any fees that are due. Thank you.

Aug 19

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes for August 18th 2015
Members in Attendance: Marie, Billy, Wes, Terry, Ron, Shari, Carey, and Barbara. Layton, was unable to attend.
Visitors from the League: Arica, Velvet, Kimber C, and ADO Representative Paul Campbell.
1. The board discussed the decision to divide the A Division into A1 and A2, due to the fact that there were 10 teams signed up for A division and the rules states that no more than 8 teams can play in any division.
2. Code of Conduct for the Board Members
3. Code of Conduct for the Members
4. Communication between the Board Members
5. Confidentiality between the Board Members
6. Substitution Rule
7. Substitute requirements
8. Chain of Command for questions and grievances
9. The new score sheets and having the Statistician and Secretary both have copies of them.
10. Treasures Report
11. Fundraiser for ADO National Qualifier
12. Tabled the idea of a Community Outreach
13. Captains Meeting is on September 8th, 2015 @ The Driftwood Tavern 7pm.
14. League begins on September 15th 2015

Aug 19

Remaining Mugs/Trophies/Certificates from the TGIO Tournament

I will bring them to the Captains Meeting on September 8th.

Dallas Johnson-Sportsmanship mug.
Doug Clifton-Sportsmanship mug.
Brian Thompson-AA-Division-Trophies High on of 130, Ton80x2.
Mike Perino-B2-Division-Trophy High out of 100.
Mikhail Schmorde-B2-Division-Trophy 23 Highlights.
Brent Short-Trophy 9C
Dale Mullins-B2-Division-High out of 49.


2nd place-X-MEN

2nd place-ON THE WIRE

Aug 13

Board Meeting

We will be having a Board Meeting at The Duck on Tuesday August 18th 6:30pm to get prepared for the Fall Season. This is an Open Meeting. Everyone is welcome to join. We will be discussing board business, and then have an open forum for any questions or ideas that anyone has afterwards.

We will be discussing various items from previous meetings, and what teams will go in each division according to our rules and by-laws, (what teams will be moved up according to how they placed) as well as locations for our next events.

Aug 13

Thank You’s

Thank you, Kevin Johnsgard for running the TGIO tournament, and for setting up the standards. Thank you, to those of you who let us use your personal boards so that we could add an additional standard in the back room. The turn out was a lot larger than we had anticipated, causing us to get a later start and playing well into the evening. Thank you, to those of you who helped tear down the standards. A major thank you, to the Driftwood Tavern for hosting our event and doing a great job keeping up with all of us.

We would also like to thank the VFW in Springfield, for hosting the Men and Women’s Qualifier. Congratulations to Steven Shuey, Teba Archuleta, and Gwen Smith.

A special thank you, to Wes Castagno, Jim Marlette, and Christopher Williams for making this event happen.

Jul 31


The Election Results are as follows:

Wes-Competition Coordinator

The results of the Tournament Format from here on out is-STRAIGHT BLIND DRAW, unless there is a “special event” stating otherwise.

There will be 2 ADO Qualifiers in August. Both of those events will be at the VFW in Springfield. Address is: 5344 Main Street. The first Qualifier will be for the Men, on August 2nd. Sign ups start at noon, with play starting at 12:30. Burgers and fries are available, and the bar will be open.

August 9th will be the Women’s Qualifier. Sign ups start at 10:30 with play starting at 11:00. There will be breakfast and then lunch available, and the bar will be open.

Men will be playing in the Women’s qualifier if needed to help bring the cost down. The Men won’t earn ADO points, or qualify during the Women’s qualifying tournament.

Please contact Wes Castagno, or Chris “Willy” Williams for any questions.

Sign-ups for Fall 2015 season will be on Tuesday August 11th. at 6:30pm. Location is at Quackers, in Eugene. We will NOT be having a tournament at this time, due to just having the TGIO tournament. Please have all of your team members information ready. That means the name of the bar, your team name, first and last names of all players, and current telephone #’s. Please bring in your Sponsor Fee, and your Players fee’s. $45.00 for the Sponsor fee, and $20.00 for each player.


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