Apr 14

ADO Men’s Qualifier

There will be an ADO Mens qualifier on Saturday the 26th of April at 2:30 pm.  Centennial Steakhouse will be the first location to host a qualifier. The winner will move forward to play the next level in Portland in mid May.

Please contact Marie at 541-514-1247 for more information on ADO events and keep up to date on the Eugene and Springfield Area Facebook user group on any changes that may occur.

I will update this information in the event of changes so please keep watch.

Apr 14

Mid-Season Shoot Recap

Thank you to the Wetlands for hosting our Mid Season shoot on Sunday the 13th of April!  We had a great turn out with Kevin Johnsgard and Mike Finley taking the 1st place spot.  The manager at the Wetlands wanted the board to thank the players for being a great group to host. They appreciated everyone’s support of their bar.

Thank you to the board members for all their hard work and dedication.  A special thanks to Ronnie Hansen for taking the time to help me transport the standards to and from The Wetlands.


Have a fantastic rest of the season!

Mar 31

Simple rules for submitting stat sheets.

I attempt to get the stats out by the weekend. In some cases, work and life will delay that. Recently, delays can be attributed to some behind the scenes working of the website. More often than not, though, I hold off  because of a lack of sent scoresheets.


1) Please scan or fax the score sheet. It makes life a lot easier if I can receive them in a PDF format.

2) As a captain it is your responsibility to ensure the sheet get to me in a timely manner.  If I do not receive  the sheets by weeks end, I will record the match as a 0-21 loss for both teams. Don’t trust your scores to the team you just beat the pants off.

3) Fax 1 sheet at a time. If you are sending in the other team’s sheet (read rule number 2), please send that separately from yours. That way I can easily file them away in folders and can easily compare them side by side.

4) Use a pen not a pencil to print legibly.  A pencil gets faded out on the sheet and can be virtually impossible to see sometimes.

5) Last names are a must. This has been harped on for years. If you do not include a last name on a new player that game will count as a forfeit. If that player plays in a doubles game then the doubles game is a forfeit as well. No more exceptions will be made.

6) If you are a team captain you need to have a working email that you check regularly. If there is a discrepancy, I need to be able to contact you to correct it.

7) Know the team that you are playing and what date it is. It is confusing to have Team A show that they are playing another team that they really are not, and to not have a date or week number to reference makes it really hard to track down.

8) If you are rescheduling a match, let me know. I don’t need to know when, but only that it is still pending. (read rule #2 to see why you need to let me know)

9) We are now at the halfway point, any new player added to your roster, or any substitution needs to be Board approved.






Mar 17

Facebook Connection

Connect with the local dart related events and news on Facebook.

This is a group open to discuss all things steel tip darts.  Meet new and existing players as well as gain information on local and regional events like Blind draws, tournaments and ADO qualifiers.

You can find it under Eugene and Springfield Area Darts in the user groups:




Mar 16

Website bugs

Known issues:

Submitting forfeits are not registering as games.

Hilites where getting entered multiple times, I have manually removed duplicates. All captains please verify count through week 7

no honors being displayed – they are being recorded, soon to be fixed.


Mar 04

45th Annual Oregon Open

It’s time again for the longest running Steel tip dart tournament in North America.
Join us this May 16-18 at the Ramada (NE 82nd Ave., near the PDX Airport) for the 45th Annual Oregon Open!
$10,000 again!!!

If you’ve attended in the last few years you know what a great Dart event this is. If you haven’t attended you owe it to yourself to come out. Beginners as well as long time players love the Oregon Open.
It’s Great darts, Great, people and Great fun.

If you have not booked your room you should do it now.  They are limited and in hot demand.

The Ramada Inn

6221 NE 82nd Ave
Portland, OR 97220

(503) 255-6511

Mar 04

Weekly Blind Draws

Remember that there are blind draws on Friday and Saturday nights every week.

Friday is at Centennial Steakhouse on Mohawk Blvd.  $5 buy in and a $1 optional high out.  This is an A/B draw and sign ups start at 7:00 pm and draw at 7:25.

Saturday is at The Alibi on Main Street in Springfield.  $5 buy in and optional $1 high out.  A/B draw. Sign ups start at 7:00 pm.

This is a great time to come out and meet some dartaholics, relax and practice your game!

Mar 03

Website Update!

It’s happening right now! Bear with us while we get everything up to snuff!

Aug 07

Fall season sign up information


Sign up’s will start at 10:00 A.M.

This information will be posted on ESDA’s website and on Facebook.

Please have the following information ready when you sign your team up. **CIRCLE THE “REQUESTED” DIVISION**

We will need:

1. The name of the establishment that will be sponsoring your team.

2. The check, mony order or cash from the sponsoring establishment. Bar fee’s are $45.00 this season.

3. The name of your team

4. The first and last names of the people on your team, along with their phone #. If they wish to be contacted by email, add that too. Marie is awesome for sending out text messages for any side tournaments.

5. The check, mony order or cash from all of your players.

6. The name and phone # of the captain and co-captain

Thank You!

Aug 07

Election Results

For those of you who didn’t make it to the TGIO tournament. Here are the results:

Witnessed by Jim Marlette.


(Nominees were Richard Knox, Mike Finley and Jean Klein.)


COMPETITION COORDINATOR-RAY CUNNINGHAM (Nominees were Kevin J., Marie S., and Jim S.)



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