Nov 03


We are still having trouble with weekly stat sheets!!!!!


Please make sure you fax one sheet at a time if you are faxing for both teams.

Fill out ALL the information on the top of the form. Name of each team, week and date.

First and last name on every roster


There will be no stats for any team that cannot properly fill out this form!


Problems like the ones listed above are what delays the stats for everyone in the league.

Oct 29

Weekly Blind Draws

There is a weekly blind draw at two locations in our area.  Friday nights at Centennial Steakhouse on Mohawk Blvd in Springfield.  Saturday nights at The Alibi on Main St in Springfield.

All levels of play are welcome!

General Information:

Friday Night:

Centennial Steakhouse

1300 Mohawk Blvd

Springfield, OR 97477


$5 buy in with optional $1 high out pot

Straight up blind draw starting at 7:00 pm.


Saturday Night:

The Alibi Tavern

2422 Main St

Springfield, OR 97477


$5 buy in with optional $1 high out pot

A/B blind draw starting at 7:00 pm.

Oct 14

Portland Open

The Portland Area Dart Association is hosting the 4th Annual Portland Open on November 14th and 15th at the A&L Sports Pub.

This is a great event and always a fun weekend of darts!



Oct 14

Statistics Reminder

Reminder that all team captains need to have the score sheets faxed by Thursday of the week you play. Late sheets cause the stats to be late in getting updated for the league. Also remember that you must have all substitutes properly approved as outlined in your Rules. Both the first and last name must be on all score sheets or stats will not be valid.

Sep 05

September Board Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes
Members in attendance are: Billy, Kevin, Marie, Bill F., Layton, Barbara, Ron and Shari. Zac was not able to make the meeting. The meeting came to order at 6:39pm ending at 8:08pm
We covered a wide range of topics from the last meeting, touching base on rule changes, expectations of the officers, motions, sportsmanship awards, separation of officers, RR/ByLaws, supplies, trophies, taking departed members off the our account, t-shirts, captains mtg, captains requirements, etc.
1. All new appointed board members have been updated through our Non Profit Org.
2. All board members have access to our website now, with the exception of Andrew L.,( Non Board Member), who volunteers his help should any problems, or questions arise.
3. Treasurer’s report was given, along with the amount of teams we have for each division.
4. Marie has updated our RR and By-laws, however, there are some minor changes that are being ironed out before the upcoming Captains Mtg. on Sept 9th at Wetlands Brew Pub.
5. Turkey Shoot-date and location is TBD at this time.
6. The board is looking into t-shirts at a discounted rate for some fundraisers, or if anyone else wants to order one and have it designed. We were able to get some pretty great prices through a contact of Layton Statzer.
7. Kevin brought in a nice dart case for supplies that He and Billy will stock with flights, shafts, O-rings, and all the fun dart stuff you may need. See one of the guys if you have any questions.
8. The Board went over the results of the Sign-up Tournament.
9. The Board will be checking on the necessary establishments for any needed changes.
10. CAPTAINS MEETING-All captains, or Co-Captains need to make sure that they are at the meeting. We will be covering some important changes and regulations at this meeting. Again, this is not a quick pick up your packet, sign, and leave meeting.

Jul 24

July 2014 pre Fall Season Board Meeting Minutes

Yeah, it’s that time again… Fall season is coming up on us fast. It’s time to brush the dust off of your darts.
We got quite a bit accomplished tonight at our Board Meeting. We are looking forward to a productive and positive season.
Here are some important dates to keep in mind:
The fall season Sign up tournament will be on Sunday, August 24th @ Centennial Steakhouse.  Sign-up’s will start at 10 am. Remember, we need an actual first and last name for each player. Incomplete rosters will not be considered. Player fee is $20.00 Sponsor fee is $45.00. Player fee for the tournament is $5.00 with optional $1.00 high out fee.

Board Meeting Tuesday September 2, 2014 at Duck INN. 6:30pm The board will be discussing various ideas, and planning for the upcoming season.

Captains meeting will be on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. @ Wetlands Brew Pub *Captains*, plan on an extended meeting, as we will be discussing rule changes. You will be asked to sign a document that states that you are aware of the changes, and that you understand the consequences of not following these rules, and making sure that your team is also aware of the changes. Signatures are mandatory. You will not be able to just pick up your packet and run as usual, this is an actual meeting. The more people that show up on time, the sooner we can all go home.
First night of league play will be on Tuesday, September 16th. 7:00 p.m.
We touched base on some issues from last season. As previously mentioned, there will be some rule changes, along with consequences for not following them.
The Board has discussed various ideas for tournaments, fundraisers, and awards.
This upcoming season you will see a new and improved Rules and Regulations Packet, along with the By-Laws. Please pay attention to these changes, as some things will be added, and some deleted.
We discussed the correct measures as to who to reach in case there are any questions or issues that may arise. There is a chain of command/contact to follow. Please refer to your Captains packet.
If you are expecting any trophy(s), please contact me within 1 week from today. Any trophies(S), that have not been claimed, will be recycled.
Thank you,



Jul 11


The board will be having a closed meeting at the Driftwood Tavern in Springfield, July 22nd, 2014. We will be discussing a wide range of topics for the upcoming season. It is the Boards goal to make this season and all others fair and enjoyable for everyone.

Jul 07

Spring Election Results

Please welcome the new ESDA board members and returning members. Elections were held at the Spring TGIO on June 28th.




Vice President – Billy Chaney

Treasurer – Ron Layton

Competition Coordinator – Kevin Johnsgard

AA Representative – Zac Galas

A Representative – Layton Statzer

B Representative – Barbara Sieveking


Thank you all for stepping up to help make this a fantastic league!

May 22

End of Season Musings

Well, it has been a heck of a season.
First of all, I want to apologize for the some of the discrepancies in the stats throughout the season.

1) There was some corruption in the entries when we converted over to the new website. I went through and corrected them to the best of my abilities. I feel confident that the stats reflect the actual results. I have a few more things to work out with Andrew but the entries from this point forward should be with out incident.

2) There are some issues that arose in trying to implement penalties for forfeits, names, and substitutes. As a result enforcement was not implemented since I couldn’t implement them fairly across the board.
Over the Summer this will be corrected. Next season, the tools will be in place.

3) My apologies for the confusion that may have been in place getting the first week of playoffs. I found 1 sheet that was indeed faxed but I misplaced. (sorry Ross). The floodgates at work opened up and I got slammed with long hours and tons of driving so I wasn’t able to devote the time needed to properly get the stats updated. In addition to my tight time constraints, I also received several teams sending in multiple weeks all at once, some teams sending in sheets with no date or week. even a couple with team names not filled in properly. This slowed the process down even more which was complicated more so by my time constraints.

Next season will be different.
1) A status page will be available to determine if I entered results from your sheet.
2) Captain’s emails will be a must. I will make an attempt to contact the captain if I am missing a sheet, however this season had at least 25 missing sheets, so it will be your responsibility to keep up with stats and alert me to needed corrections on a weekly basis.
3) Penalties WILL be enforced. If fees are not paid = forfeit. Subs without board approval = forfeit. No last name = forfeit. Once forfeited, the games will not be reversed.

Bill Flippen

May 14

ESDA Meeting Minutes May 2014

I have copied the minutes from the latest meeting


MAY 2014 Spring Season Board Meeting Information

Members in Attendance: Ray, Kathie, Layton, Billy, Marie, Ron, and Shari. Kevin and Bob were unable to attend.

The meeting came to order at 6:55pm adjourning at 8:23pm.

We covered some OLD BUSINESS, touching on the mid-season responses from players. ADO update on the qualifier. CONGRATULATIONS JUN! Way to represent the EDSA.

The website is still a work in progress. There have been many changes, and even more to come. Andrew is open to suggestions and ideas. He’s doing the best that he can, so please be patient.

Motions that were passed:

  1. Any discussions and/or updates must be made known to ALL of the board members before any decision is made and/or finalized. PASSED  4/8/2014 However, there is a 72 hour reply window for email replies. If, some of the board members do not reply to the discussion, then we will assume that said person does not have a reply for/against the decision. The board will then refer to the quorum rule.
  2. ALL establishments must have their Sponsor Fee paid by the second week of dart play, just as the players do. We will no longer hand out a “paid receipt”, without receiving the cash first. If, an establishment wants a paid receipt first, then they MUST pay with a check, and use that as their receipt. No exceptions. PASSED   4/8/2014.


  1. T.G.I.O.   We are looking to have the T.G.I.O. on the 28th of June. Sign-ups will be at 10am. Two perspective places will be Doc’s Pad or Centennial Steak House. Location is to be determined, per approval of establishment.
  2. Election time, I will need everyone’s nominations by June 21st. The following positions will be open; Vice President, Treasurer, Competition Coordinator, and A-League   Representative.
  3. We talked about the equipment that needs to be fixed at various locations. All board members have been given a form to be given own to the owner/manager.
  4. We talked about sportsmanship, and how some of the players have not been complying to this, and the board is going to stand firm on what is required of everyone in regards to sportsmanship.
  5. Marie, showed some examples of the shirts that we can have made with the ESDA dart logo on them.
  6. Ray Cunningham, gave us some information on a way we might be able to get more people involved in the league. Some of his ideas are a woman’s steel tip tournament, mixed trios steel tip tournament, and also a soft tip league is starting up soon. Anyone interested in these please contact Ray Cunningham.
  7. We will be updating a couple of the rules, so there is further clarification on them, that will be put in the new rules and regulations packet for next season.
  8. Dee Brown, from Portland area dart association wants to have a try area exchange of teams from Portland, Salem, and Eugene to further interact with the various regions. Contact Marie, for and questions or details.
  9. The board talked about getting together some kind of account with A-Z Darts, to see if we can get our boards at a cheaper rate if bought in a large quantity. So if, the sponsoring establishments need to update their equipment they can, possibly get it at a discounted rate.

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