Apr 20

Board Meeting

We will be having our Board Meeting on May 3rd 7:00 pm at Sharky’s in Springfield.

The board will discuss the upcoming Mid-season tournament and other agenda

items at this time. This meeting is open to all members.

Mar 13


From Terry our “Stats Guy”


To all concerned! The new Stats guy is having problems with the entry point of the ESDA website and team and individuals stats are going to be delayed until I can get some things sorted out. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Mar 13

In Search Of….

Eugene dart players- I am looking for a bar that is willing to go all in and support darts. I want to see a place that we can get 8-10 boards up that we can use for our bigger tourneys and push the sport. If anyone has thoughts on where or how to make this happen in our area please contact me. If you know a business owner that is willing to entertain this idea or anything…. lets talk about it. Constructive ideas please!!! We would love to hold something like BIG here in Eugene. No reason we cant make this happen if we can work together.

Mar 13

Community Outreach Help

Time to step up and help!

The Board needs your help.

Community outreach help!

We are looking for someone to volunteer to step up and go out to the fraternities and sororities and find a way to get them involved. We could run a special short league just for them to get them interested and involved. Once they are comfortable in a team we would move the team to regular league play. I am not the person to approach them. To them I am just Mom and that will not get their interest. As always this is an idea that is up for discussion and ideas. We have a huge college crowd and I would think this is an area we should easily be able to tap.

This same idea could work on car dealerships and have a small league where each dealership brings a team to the table. Mills, Restaurants, Churches… there are all kinds of leagues we could work on. At least enough to pull a team or two into an on going ESDA league team.

Please let me know your thoughts or ideas and please …. lets get someone willing to work this. I know we are all busy but together we can do this.

Mar 13

Change in plans

We discussed the possibility of a mid season shoot at our board meeting. Due to some unforeseen events we will be postponing this and combining it with the spring TGIO. The money will roll over to larger TGIO payout and door prizes. Thank you for your understanding.

Mar 13


ESDA would like to extend condolences to a few of our board members and long time ESDA members.

Billy Chaney our Vice President lost his father on March 11th . Ron Layton our Treasurer and Shari Layton our Secretary lost Ron’s Father on March 12th.

Our thoughts and condolences are with them at this time.

Feb 17

Submitting of Stats for Spring 2015

We have new Statistician and he has implemented a few changes everyone needs to be aware of.

  1. Stats sheets must be fully filled out.  Team names, date of match, week number, first and last names of each player, totals in the win and loss columns as well as the Sportsmanship award nominations filled out each week.
  2. Sportsmanship Nominations.  Each player must nominate one player from the other team each week and this must be filled out in the area provided on the score sheet.  Your sheet is not considered complete if this is not filled out.
  3. There are 3 ways to submit sheets.

1.Fax to 855-501-3278

2. Take a readable photo of the sheet and text to 541-981-8420

3. Email a copy or photo to terrybonny@gmail.com

All sheets must be received by Friday of the week played.  Any sheet that is not complete will not receive stats.




Mar 31

Simple rules for submitting stat sheets.

I attempt to get the stats out by the weekend. In some cases, work and life will delay that. Recently, delays can be attributed to some behind the scenes working of the website. More often than not, though, I hold off  because of a lack of sent scoresheets.


1) Please scan or fax the score sheet. It makes life a lot easier if I can receive them in a PDF format.

2) As a captain it is your responsibility to ensure the sheet get to me in a timely manner.  If I do not receive  the sheets by weeks end, I will record the match as a 0-21 loss for both teams. Don’t trust your scores to the team you just beat the pants off.

3) Fax 1 sheet at a time. If you are sending in the other team’s sheet (read rule number 2), please send that separately from yours. That way I can easily file them away in folders and can easily compare them side by side.

4) Use a pen not a pencil to print legibly.  A pencil gets faded out on the sheet and can be virtually impossible to see sometimes.

5) Last names are a must. This has been harped on for years. If you do not include a last name on a new player that game will count as a forfeit. If that player plays in a doubles game then the doubles game is a forfeit as well. No more exceptions will be made.

6) If you are a team captain you need to have a working email that you check regularly. If there is a discrepancy, I need to be able to contact you to correct it.

7) Know the team that you are playing and what date it is. It is confusing to have Team A show that they are playing another team that they really are not, and to not have a date or week number to reference makes it really hard to track down.

8) If you are rescheduling a match, let me know. I don’t need to know when, but only that it is still pending. (read rule #2 to see why you need to let me know)